Protecting Lips from Cold Sores

You may not have the ultimate cure to keep away embarrassing blisters on your lips however, you certainly can refrain them from coming back. Several people might confuse canker sores with cold sores. Canker sores are mostly found on the inside of the mouth. Cold sores are blisters filled with fluid usually found on the external lip.

When sore breaks out, the foremost and the best thing is to avoid salty food. Salt would irritate the sore causing you painful feeling. You should avoid salty food until sore is completely healed. Licorice is renowned to stop virus cells of cold sores. However, you should ensure that you are chewing real licorice. In case you do not adapt to the taste of licorice, you can purchase licorice powder and spray it straight on the cold sore. Licorice powder would offer the same benefit as would chew licorice. You can also make use of topical home remedies such as applying petroleum jelly on the cold sore. This would accelerate the healing process along with eliminating any chance of bacteria spreading secondary infection. You can also soak a cotton ball in milk and apply on the affected area. It would heal and stop the spreading of cold sore bacteria. Applying ice pack can also help reduce the time for cold sores to stay.

Over the counter anesthetic liniment that comprises of benzocaine is affective to numb the pain for a short time. Benzocaine powder has been proved effective to offer relief from the pain caused by cold sore.



Use right quantity of Benzocaine to reduce pain

Benzocaine Powder is used for a variety of purpose. It is manufactured and old by a number of companies and nowadays you can even purchase it online. It is available in different forms and you can buy it as per your desire and need. The powder is used as a local anesthetic. It is used by majority of people as a numbing medication.  It produces a numbing effect by blocking nerve signals in your body. It is used on many parts of human body which includes mouth, nose, throat, vagina, or rectum. The powder numbs the skin which helps to insert the medical instrument without any pain.

All those people who are suffering any kind of pain or discomfort caused by minor skin irritations and sore throat can use the powder to get relief from the pain. It is also used when people suffer from sunburn, teething pain, vaginal or rectal irritation, ingrown toenails, hemorrhoids, and many other sources of minor pain on a surface of the body. It should be taken in small amounts.

Whatever the reason be Benzocaine Powder should always be taken after due consultation with doctor. You need to know the proper way and the right dose to get positive results. A slight mistake can result in fatal results. An overdose of Benzocaine can cause serious problems in the body. The symptoms can vary from uneven heart beats to the major problem of respiratory failure. Therefore always consult a medical expert before the use of Benzocaine.


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The Inception and Uses of Benzocaine

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic. It is mostly used as a pain reliever. You may also see its use in cough drops. The benzocaine powder is an essential ingredient in several over the counter anesthetic ointments. The product for oral ulcers is one good example where benzocaine is an active ingredient. Benzocaine when combined with antipyrine forms A/B Otic Drops. These drops are usually used to treat ear pains and to remove earwax.

Benzocaine is the ethyl ester of the PABA (p-aminobenzoic acid). It can be easily prepared from ethanol and PABA. You mode of preparation requires Fischer esterification or through reducing ethyl p-nitro benzoate. It is scarcely soluble in water. However, it goes well with dilute acids. It is easily soluble in ethyl ether, chloroform, and ethanol. Benzocaine melts at 88-90 degree Celsius whereas the boiling point is 310 degree Celsius. Its density is measured at 1.17 g/cm3.

In the year 1890, a German chemist Eduard Ritsert first synthesized Benzocaine. It was synthesized in the town of Eberbach. Benzocaine made its first appearance in the market in 1902. It was named “Anasthesin.”

Benzocaine is used as the main ingredient in several pharmaceuticals:

  • It is used in throat lozenges available over the counter such as Cepacol and Anbesol.
  • It can be used in glycerol-based medications for ear. This medication is used to remove earwax and to relieve ear of conditions such as swimmers ear and Otitis Media.
  • It may also be seen in some earlier diet products such as the Ayds.

Benzocaine is commonly found in Britain. It gives the numbing effect as that of cocaine but does not truly constructs outcome as cocaine.

The Role of Procaine powder In Medical Industry

Procaine Powder for the benefit of health

Procaine Powder and Novocaine Powder is a name for the same powder. It is because of the brand name Novocain, procaine is also known as novocaine. It is basically a fine powder that is used by the doctors across the world as a local anaesthesia. It is widely used by the dentists.

The interesting fact is before the German chemist Alfred Einhorn, cocaine was used as anaesthesia option invented this drug! Procaine powder

was introduced in the year 1905 under the brand Novocain. If you break the word into two, it is a combination of two Latin words, Nov meaning new and caine generally an ending for the drugs used for anaesthesia process, like cocaine! Hence, the name itself said it all! It was a birth of a new drug for the anaesthesia purpose.

Apart from being used by the dentist widely, it is also used as a medicine for penicillin or to reduce pain during a intramuscular injection. The best thing about the Novocaine powder is that it mixes very well with water and it dissolves easily.

It is a very effective painkiller. This drug is otherwise not available easily in the market or on prescription, as it is only for the doctor’s use. One should even if lays hands on it not use it, as it can be very dangerous. It can cause respiratory problems. It also effects the neuronal functioning. A person who tries to take a dose on his or her own can also face acute depression.

Therefore, it is advisable not to take the medicine on your own, as the results are very harmful. Even the physicians use it with care like a few drops given to the patient.