Protecting Lips from Cold Sores

You may not have the ultimate cure to keep away embarrassing blisters on your lips however, you certainly can refrain them from coming back. Several people might confuse canker sores with cold sores. Canker sores are mostly found on the inside of the mouth. Cold sores are blisters filled with fluid usually found on the external lip.

When sore breaks out, the foremost and the best thing is to avoid salty food. Salt would irritate the sore causing you painful feeling. You should avoid salty food until sore is completely healed. Licorice is renowned to stop virus cells of cold sores. However, you should ensure that you are chewing real licorice. In case you do not adapt to the taste of licorice, you can purchase licorice powder and spray it straight on the cold sore. Licorice powder would offer the same benefit as would chew licorice. You can also make use of topical home remedies such as applying petroleum jelly on the cold sore. This would accelerate the healing process along with eliminating any chance of bacteria spreading secondary infection. You can also soak a cotton ball in milk and apply on the affected area. It would heal and stop the spreading of cold sore bacteria. Applying ice pack can also help reduce the time for cold sores to stay.

Over the counter anesthetic liniment that comprises of benzocaine is affective to numb the pain for a short time. Benzocaine powder has been proved effective to offer relief from the pain caused by cold sore.



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