The Role of Procaine powder In Medical Industry

Procaine Powder for the benefit of health

Procaine Powder and Novocaine Powder is a name for the same powder. It is because of the brand name Novocain, procaine is also known as novocaine. It is basically a fine powder that is used by the doctors across the world as a local anaesthesia. It is widely used by the dentists.

The interesting fact is before the German chemist Alfred Einhorn, cocaine was used as anaesthesia option invented this drug! Procaine powder

was introduced in the year 1905 under the brand Novocain. If you break the word into two, it is a combination of two Latin words, Nov meaning new and caine generally an ending for the drugs used for anaesthesia process, like cocaine! Hence, the name itself said it all! It was a birth of a new drug for the anaesthesia purpose.

Apart from being used by the dentist widely, it is also used as a medicine for penicillin or to reduce pain during a intramuscular injection. The best thing about the Novocaine powder is that it mixes very well with water and it dissolves easily.

It is a very effective painkiller. This drug is otherwise not available easily in the market or on prescription, as it is only for the doctor’s use. One should even if lays hands on it not use it, as it can be very dangerous. It can cause respiratory problems. It also effects the neuronal functioning. A person who tries to take a dose on his or her own can also face acute depression.

Therefore, it is advisable not to take the medicine on your own, as the results are very harmful. Even the physicians use it with care like a few drops given to the patient.


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